SHAMIRA …. Hebrew origin meaning PROTECTOR.

Shamira was born on 20th July 2020 in NSW …. making her 18 months old, recently de-sexed, fully vaccinated and microchipped.

She is a very intuitive girl and will give you lots of cuddles and love. All she wants is to protect her owner and family, being happy to be included in your daily activities.

*Price is Negotiable, depending on circumstances, and the best interest of the dog.

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Shamira is a smallish 2.5 year old Maremma puppy weighing in at 23 kgs.

Whilst she enjoys playing with other dogs and is friendly, she does think that she is top dog so would be best suited to a one pet household.

She will want to be inside with you, and will most likely be happiest with someone working from home during the day.

She walks well on a lead, will sit, and responds to several commands, and can benefit from additional training while being rewarded for good behaviour using healthy treats.

Maremma dogs are generally used as livestock guardian dogs, protecting a flock of sheep, goats or poultry.

Shamira is a beautifully behaved puppy, doesn’t bark much, is very loving and curious, and will protect the family.

Ask about Shamira, she is ready for a great home in suburbia or country!


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Weight 23 kg


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